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Monday, October 30, 2017 8:34:16 AM

Blood transfusion essays Blood transfusion A blood transfusion is the removing of blood or blood blood-based products from the blood stream an inserting it into another circulatory system to replenish lost or damaged blood. blood transfusions can be extremely dangerous when not held in the correct environment with trained professionals. Blood transfusions can treat medical conditions such as massive blood loss or damaged blood cells. Every year more than 4 million Americans receive blood transfusion. Usually only a part of the blood is used but I’m some cases all may be used though this is quiet rare. Blood transfusions are used to treat patients that have: Suffered a massive loss of blood. Anemia (where the blood cant carry sufficient amount of oxygen around the body) When the host has insufficient plantlets in the body and are unable to stop the flowing of blood. When the immune system saurashtra university fyba 2018 not strong enough to fight some diseases. Many people who receive blood fear the danger of spreading of diseases into there system this should be extremely rare when held in the proper environment and tested though mistakes made women empowerment essays michel uga done or diseases may pass the test without being detected. Before the assignments discovery education aps training can assignments discovery education aps training undertaken the donor and the receiver must be typed. The blood received must be compatible with the blood in the receivers body because the body may reject the blood cells. The blood is stored in specially made plastic bags and must be stored in a temperature of about 4c. Blood banks can be found all around the world for you to donate your to and save many life’s. .

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