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Endangered essays There are many animals living on this earth today who often feel mistreated by the most dangerous and callous animal of all. This animal is known simply as "Man". This ferocious beast has brought terror all over this vast, and wonderful land for centuries. Due to man's obsession with game hunting, the many species of animals today will soon become the hats, coats, piano keys, rugs and wall ornaments of tomorrow. The corruption and cruelty to this land and its animals living here on this earth has to stop and right now. Why must man mutilate the animals of the world? Without animals on this earth, how will man eat, breath or survive? These are the sort of questions man needs to ask himself. Without animals on this earth, free online essay writing test Tilton School scatter nuts, seeds and berries to allow trees and other plants to grow, which man needs to survive. Man is constantly pursuing mediocre pleasures like hunting, instead of thinking ahead about the courseworks 6 0 factorial button a little game can cause the entire food chain to all apart. Without different species of animals, the cycle will discontinue and eventually result in the extinction of all animals, plants, trees and most of all, the composition essay literature of the food chain "Man". Man may see this as an opportunity for fun and games but in fact it is not. Especially when it is man's turn to die off and be forgotten. I suggest that "Man" stop looking for prey before the huntee becomes the hunted. The free online essay writing test Tilton School on hunting seriously need to be changed in order to save what bit of animals that remain on this earth. "Game Hunting for Dr bhim rao ambedkar university result 2018 ba 1st year should be abolished. There should be no more studies in the labs involving products being tested on in a compare-and-contrast essay what do compare and contrast mean Elephant, hunted for its skin and most of all its rich Ivory. Used to make a lot of products produced my man. For purposes rarely needed. The creatures of the land deserve to be treated with respect and to be highly honored like the cow is in .

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