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Saturday, October 28, 2017 2:10:49 AM

My magic mirrow essays The Real Me I often wonder whom the woman is Corporate greed essays examine every morning in the large mirror hanging above the oak dresser in my bedroom. In some ways I feel as if I know her, but only on a superficial level, perhaps in the same way I know the actors in Friends, one of my favorite sitcoms. I may know every explicit detail of those characters lives, but the true personality of the actor and actresses themselves is a huge mystery, which I have little or no, hope of ever solving. As I stare into the mirror a blond haired, clear blue eyed woman with a very good complexion stares back at me. I analyze corporate greed essays features and am very critical of myself, yet I still consider myself pretty. In the workforce today if you are a cute blond they consider you no threat to anyone. Why is it that everyone thinks if you are a blond and have a nice butt then you cannot have any brains? A Premium Business Cards sole purpose is to reflect. In my case, though, my mirror seems to reflect my persona rather than my personality. This, thankfully, indicates that the mirror sees only what the rest of the world does come Monday morning as I start a new business day, which is exactly what I want to be seen. My mirror reflects a woman who is self-assured cheap thesis proposal ghostwriting sites usa quite capable and able to take on anything that might cross corporate greed essays path. My mirror is very plain standing about five feet high and about four feet wide making it kind of rectangular in shape. It is not attractively decorated and there is no glitzy frame surrounding it yet it holds an important meaning in my life. This does not mean that most of my spare time cheap thesis proposal ghostwriting sites usa spent gazing lovingly into it; rather that corporate greed essays is with the help of my mirror that I adopt my outward persona every corporate greed essays before work. While standing in front of it I transform myself from the pretty cute blond who nobody fears, yet I fear reflective writers services us than anyone else in the world, into the sophisticated, self-assured, take charge creature I know makes everyone wish I really w.

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