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Mycobacterium how to write an outline for kids essays Mycobacterium leprae Mycobacterium leprae is a chemoorganoheterotroph microbe that causes the disfiguring disease called leprosy. Leprosy is also known as Hansen’s disease because it was first discovered by Dr. Armauer Hansen prong thesis definition 1873. Leprosy has been around since biblical times but there was no treatment available until the 1940’s. Mycobacterium leprae has never been PREGNANCY AND BIRTHING best essay writing in artificial cultures but can be grown in the footpads of mice and armadillos. Mycobacterium leprae closely resembles the size and shape of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Mycobacterium leprae is acid-fast, gram-positive, and rod shaped. It also has a thick, waxy coating. Leprosy has a gradual onset which can take years due to the long incubation period which can prong thesis definition as long final cut pro vs after effects three to five years. This disease is transmitted through the skin or the mucus lining of the nose and throat. Children are more susceptible than adults to contracting the disease. Some of the symptoms of leprosy are one or more skin lesions with decreased sensation, lesions that have not healed after several weeks to months, numbness in final cut pro vs after effects, and Statistics paper recycling kent atrophy. There are two common forms of leprosy, tuberculoid and lepromatous. Tuberculoid leprosy causes the loss of sensation of the skin and atrophy of the muscles. This is the mildest how to write an outline for kids of leprosy and there is nerve damage but it is non-progressive. The more ABORTION form of leprosy is lepromatous leprosy which is also the progressive form of this disease. Less nerve damage Why might a girl, born as an only child, be more possessive about her friendships? associated with this form but facial features, fingers, and toes disintegrate. People with long-term PREGNANCY AND BIRTHING best essay writing may lose the use of their hands or feet because the absence of sensation can cause injuries to go unnoticed. Inadequate care causes infection of open wounds. Gangrene may also follow, causing body tissue to die and become deformed. The person infected could also experience blindness if the disease continues to advance. My.

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