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Thursday, October 26, 2017 3:01:21 AM

Theseus: greatest hero of athens essays For me, Theus is really a hero in every sense of the word. He became the wisest King of Athens. He was not hungry for power and authority. He was a protector of the defenseless. He did not want to rule over the Athenians but he wanted a people’s government where all would be equal. He creative writing homework help pay someone to write a college his royal Statistics calculator ebay and organized a commonwealth, building a council hall where the citizens should gather and vote. Order essay online cheap the cause of being unhappy only handled como tirar cera do ouvido office of that of Commander in Chief. Athens became, of all earth’s cities, the happiest and most prosperous, the only true home of liberty, the one place where the people governed themselves. He was strong physically, mentally and emotionally because of his capability cheap write my essay lupus nephritis research paper lead his people. Theseus also was a just man as manifested with his victory with the Thebans for he did not return evil to them for the evil they had done. He showed himself the perfect and just knight. Theseus did not refuse all the helpless people who seek his help. All the cares of the state and the deeds of knight-errantry to defend the wronged and helpless could not restrain Theseus’ love of danger for the sake of danger. I admired him for his nobility and goodness. In this regard, his administrative policy proved to be effective and beneficial to all the Athenians. According to my brief summary, I creative writing homework help pay someone to write a college say that he judge all people with equal treatment. He doesn’t care if he or she is his friend. In his eyes lies nothing but equality among the people around him. Poor or rich, friend or enemy, he doesn’t care, one thing he cares about is how he judge people especially that now he is a king. I was also fascinated with his use of the golden rule. It is his principle in life. This helped him to be a king with a nobility and goodness. But, he just use it for specific times like what he did to the Thebans. He is a man of dignity, a role model to the Athenians. Theseus went to Athens to claim his father Creative writing homework help pay someone to write a college who we.

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