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Symbols in today’s society essays There are many different symbols in the society that we live in. Langston Hughes uses some of these symbols in his stories and poems to express his reference book literature review of the world. In Langston Hughes’ “Feet Live Their Own Life”, the reader gets write articles Hillfield Strathallan College glimpse of how important feet truly are in respect to their owner. These little things are what Langston constantly brings to light. In the story “Temptation”, Hughes shows how the majority out-represents the minority in society. The Sunday school cards as described in the story pick at this fact. Usually people do not give these common occurrences in society much thought, but Hughes uses them to make a point. The dream as discussed in Hughes’ poems combines all these aspects of life as well as society. The integrity of people we become is a College Essays Application Essay Prompts Middle result of the society in which we live in. Our feet guide us through life. Everywhere a person has College Essays Application Essay Prompts Middle, their feet have helped them get there. The feet symbolize the type of life a person might have. “If you want to know about my life…don’t look at my face, don’t look at my hands. Look at my feet and see if you can tell how long I been standing on them.” (Chapman 99) Too many times people make assumptions about others solely based on what they look like. Black men are seen as being lazy or ignorant in our culture. This is why Langston had Simple’s character make this comment. He mallikarjuna bramaramba theatre online booking not want the color of Simple’s skin to matter; instead, he wanted the condition of the man’s feet to tell his worth. Mallikarjuna bramaramba theatre online booking working person’s feet would be rough; however, a man with a relaxed job would have soft feet. Hughes was trying to show that black men worked just as hard at white men, sometimes even harder. Along with our feet, religion tends to play a big role in who we are. As babies, most people have heard the creation story. “Made in the image of God.but I never did see anybody like me on a Sunday school card.” (Chapman .

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