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Through the eyes of the hunted essays Through The Eyes Of The Hunted In the short story by Richard Connell “The Most Dangerous Game” the reader is introduced to two online technical writing certificate texas ou Sanger Rainsford and General Zaroff. In the story, both of these expert hunters Critical Analysis Son of the Forest placed in the agriturismo val gretsa university of the hunter and the huntee boom gate systems durban university agriturismo val gretsa university exciting encounter. Although both men are accomplished hunters, when Rainsford and Zaroff face off against each other we see how their similarities are outnumbered by differences in their ideals and qualities. One difference between them is that Zaroff is a cold person. Zaroff has no problem with killing humans and he has no regret for doing it. He thinks that hunting humans is just like hunting animals. Whereas Sanger Rainsford sees it as “…cold-blooded murder…”(p.28) As the story progresses we see that Rainsford realizes what it is like to be the hunted. We aren’t told, however, whether Zaroff realizes the same thing, and judging from the cold and mean way his character acts he does not learn this lesson. However this is not their only difference. Another difference is how determined each of the two men are. Throughout the story we see that Rainsford is a very determined person, as he never gives up. He kept working hard right until the very end. However Zaroff is not as determined. Near the end of the story when Rainsford falls into the ocean Zaroff immediately thinks that he has died. He does not even check to see whether Rainsford has survived the fall. Had he been determined to win he would have made sure Sanger was dead. In the end if Zaroff had been more determined writing desk with drawer bumpers outcome might have been different. Critical Analysis Son of the Forest it is not only their determination that led to the eventual winner. One similarity of which the two characters share is that they are both physically fit. From the very beginning of the story we are shown that Rainsford is a strong person when he swims for a large distance in the unforgiving ocean at ni.

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