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First kiss essays Suffocation can result to light headedness, emotional discomfort, and in extreme cases brain damage. None of which I would relate to a passionate kiss. The air was hot with static on a life changing essay being famous person. With every step I took currents ran through my body. My elated best friend, Marissa, shook the night with her exuberant smile, almost calming my senses. "You know it's not every night a girl gets her first kiss," she said with a now becoming annoying sparkle in her eye. I begrudgingly turned to her and replied, "I don't know if this is even the night. I don't know if this is even the guy. What if I'm not good? What if all the kissing scenes I've studied won't even help? He's going to think I'm terrible!" She just laughed and said, "It's not a game of skill. Just follow his lead and don't worry, so much!" We quickly hugged and pulled our bathing suits on over our athieticly young fourteen-year-old bodies, essay being famous person joined the party awaiting us upstairs. We reached the paper presentation on nanotechnology textiles scotland of the stairs and I looked out to see mounds of bodies lounging all over the front yard. Two large hot tubs engulfed the scruff of lawn and the one car drive. Through the mesh of people I finally spotted Chris. His lean tan body stretched over his 6'2" paper presentation on nanotechnology textiles scotland. He spotted me and made this way paper presentation on nanotechnology textiles scotland the crowd. He finally made it, pushing his way through and there we stood, breast-to-breast. Saying our hellos, he drew me up into his arms and embraced me like we had not seen each other just yesterday. We settled into our usual sarcastic conversation, but with a sweep of my hair the conversation changed. "You look amazing!" He said, not quite able to remove his eyes from my half naked body. "As do you," I replied, turning his attention back to my face. We both smiled and joined the roar of our friends custom essays editor sites us the hot tub. The night drew on and the crowd seemed to slowly decrease in size. When the sun hit the mountains I found myself in the bathroom w.

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