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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 4:08:54 AM

Mascara essays Mascara Mascara, a product that has been a part of women’s make-up routine for thousands of years, but was not officially sold to consumers until 1913. T.L. Williams created the first official mascara, made of why do we write essays Albert College jelly and coal dust, for his sister. In 1915 he founded the company, Maybelline, named after his sister. Mabel and Vaseline. Mascara was not always as we know it today. Before the 1950’s, it was sold in cake form. Thank goodness today it is much easier to use. Unfortunately it cost a lot more today then it did then with the average cost being between $3.50-$4.00 compared to .10c. Today we are overwhelmed by the different brands, colors and application brushes, but one wonders if it is as safe as we think for our eyes. I decided to do my project on whether or not university of wyoming old maine will grow from mascara. I wanted to know if you wear mascara and do not wash your face every night will bacteria grow on your eyelashes. My favorite part was shopping for the different mascaras and finding out if it was safe to use. I learned that mascara does grow bacteria and buy essay online cheap wonders of a makeup artist should never be lazy about how to write a literary essay introduction your face. My project was unexpectedly smelly, as each day went by the odor from the mold got so intense we had how to write a literary essay introduction put it outside. This project was difficult to do because it got very hard to keep track of the results, it got hard to look at and to count the bacterial colonies. I’m not sure how you could do this project differently because you have to count the bacterial colonies, maybe you could wear a mask to do the counting of the bacterias and diffently keep it outside. From my data, I learned that the least expensive mascara, NYC, grew how to write a literary essay introduction most colonies and buy essay online cheap google ipo case expensive, Loreal, grew the least. Maybelline was a good runner up to NYC but with more colonies then Cover Girl which a close match for Loreal. In conclusion. It is very important that you follow the directions found on the label of many macar.

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