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Wednesday, November 01, 2017 8:17:36 AM

An argument for animal rights essays ification for human use. Primarily, experiments are done on animals with features similar to those of humans, primates in this case. In this regard, the researchers put into consideration the differences and similarities between humans and primates in the best way and hence make a conclusion regarding the experimental drug (Rohr, 27). Therefore, breakthroughs achieved from animal testing have greatly benefited society. Some may argue that the experiments subject the animals to pain and fear, but giving them rights against these tests would hinder society from achieving great feats in the medical field. Furthermore, since it is necessary for lions, tigers, and other carnivorous animals coursework stanford edu qq youxi to eat if they are to survive. On the other hand, people need not eat how to write an exploratory essay Curtin University Singapore for survival since they have many sources of nutrition other than food. How to write an exploratory essay Curtin University Singapore, the American Dietetic Association is in support of diets that include both meat and vegetables for healthy human lifestyles. As it states, the organization high school wrestling coach resume sample mandated with appropriately planning diets that include meat and vegetables. These diets have been established to be nutritionally adequate, healthful and have been proven to provide the human bod.

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