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Monday, October 23, 2017 8:38:00 AM

E commerce: drill-down report essays My company frequently uses the drill-down report for managing the sales and costs, according to the regions, states, city, and county. As drill-down report is frequently used with group sections and detail data; the detail data section is hidden with drill-down capability, and all that is visible when the report opens is the summary information of the sales and costs in the group section. A drill-down on a summary item such as the sale of a product in the group section displays the detail data. The net effect in this case is to initially hide the data but still make it available interactively on demand when a user wants to view it. As the user moves the mouse over a writing article reviews samples drill-down- capable section, the Essay c apply texas 2013 changes into a magnifying glass. This signals that a double- click can be used to reveal detail data. In other cases, in drill-down report, a sub-report can be embedded within another report. This design element is used to separate and organize information, promote re usability in data reporting, and in some cases, enhance the performance writing article reviews samples a report. Sub-reports can contain any element that a main report can contain and support the same drill-down capabilities and suppressing options as their main report counterparts. By inserting sub-reports on sales of products based on region, states, city, and county, the company can gain a better understanding of the sales and costs of products. The relationship between the sub-reports and report allows the company to drill down at each level from the region to q essays and dissertations by chris mounsey family crest oak state, city, and county. On-demand, sub-reports, and sub-sub-reports are not viewed by the users until click specifically on the sub- and sub-reports. A sub-report can use the data source of the main report or it can have an Med school personal statement independent data source.

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