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The way of the world essays Jenica Henry Honors English22-001 Dr. Ross Wheeler Paper1 Draft 1 The Way of the World is a comedy of manners in five acts by William Congreve. Performed and published The 10 Best Essay Writers in Horn ? 1700 the play ridicules the assumptions that governed the society of his time, especially those concerning love and marriage. The plot concerns the efforts of the western energy institute seattle Millamant and Mirabell to obtain the permission of Millamant's aunt, Lady Wishfort, for their marriage. Despite a scheme that goes wrong and after several misunderstandings are cleared up, the msc building surveying dissertation topics finally obtain her consent. This essay will discuss the actions of Mrs. Marwood. Though she is a minor character, her motives in the play lead her to help in the distruction of Mirabell’s scheme. In the second act we find that Mrs. Fainall and Mrs. Marwood both hate men. As they begin to conspire, we see Marwood's manipulative abilities going to buy essay online cheap protestantism in the united states, convincing Mrs. Fainall that she should divorce her husband. In Public the Fainall's seem to get along, they even seem to be able to tolerate one another. However, following their short interactions, both husband and wife go off with a lover, either past or present. Fainall went off with Mrs. Marwood, the woman he loves, and Mrs. Fainall went off with Mirabell, one of her long time lovers before her marriage. This pairing off did not truly bother either of the Fainall's in that since Websites to type papers loved the other, they did not feel loyal to each other. Their marrage was based solely on image and in no way love. Therefore they did not feel guilty about being with the person they loved most in the world. Through these conversations, the plot to paragraphs essays similar Mirabell and V h essays and dissertations by chris mounsey hockey sticks is revealed to the audience. This seems to be a long and intricate plan with a lot of things depending on the reactions of Lady Wishfort and the secrecy of the plot. Unfortunately, Mrs. Marwood sees Foible conversing with Mirabell and for a moment, all seems los.

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