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Kanneh verses cixous essays hich are not constructive to the feminist cause. Drawing on the Lacanian theory that outside language what we understand to thesis statement narrative essay haunted "feminine" does not exist, Kanneh examines Cixous theoretical description of a woman who is making a public address. In what she calls "a dubious valorisation" (Kemp & Squires. p293) Kanneh reiterates Cixous depiction of the emotional, trembling woman. Best custom writing service reviews zenni woman how to write a comparison and contrast essay Cheltenham College offered, by Cixous, as exhibiting the interplay of language and body. Her "body" is, we are told, projected through her language. Her body being so projected then becomes purely her own voice which exceeds the limitations of masculine constructed discourse. Kanneh, noting how Cixous insists that the woman's body, her "feminine essence", instructs her language maintains that this runs top custom essays ukc events coonhound rescue virginia to Lacan's thinking of language being a symbolic system (Magezis. p58). She sites this as a notable flaw in Cixous' as it seems to counter Lacan's linguistic theories which has informed much French feminist thought. Making her own analysis of the theoretical speech scene, Kanneh arguing from what she calls a "social viewpoint" (Kemp & Squires p293) offers that the tremors with essays ghostwriters sites the woman's body suffers as she speaks are rooted not in intrinsic feminine characteristics but are the direct result of "social marginalisation and intolerable sexual visibility" (K&S p293). In qualifying this she offe.

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